Question Why purchase a Bidet?
AnswerA Bidet is an essential appliance to install in your hame if you care about your family and your personal hygiene.
Question What are the advantages of having a Bidet?
AnswerA Bidet will be one of the best home toilet appliance, that you invest in, it will save money and reduce the purchase of Toilet paper, hence minimising toilet blockages. But the immediate benefit, Reduce cross contamination.—-Body odour.——Minimise soil age of underwear.  And the list goes on and on. If you accidentally smear honey or jam onto your hands, and you use tissue paper to wipe it clean, there will still be a film residue of the sticky substance on your hand and fingers, hence water will be the only substance that will clean it. then just imagine that this is the same process that happens after a bowel movement. no matter how much dry toilet paper cleaning, there will always be s film smear of faeces  remaining until the area is cleansed by water.
Question Why is it advisable to use a temperature, controlled thermostatic mixing valve with the Bidet ?
AnswerUsing a thermostatically controlled mixing valve is not compulsory, but we strongly recommend its use. Safety is very important to us as a retailer of selling household appliances. The genital area is a very sensitive pert of the human body and care must be exercised when washing this area. Some units require a hot and cold supply, whereas other, for example the Bidet seats, and some of the attachment models, have just one connection for a single supply. Most important is that due to unfamiliarity with the appliance and it’s use, and children can tamper with the apparatus settings, this can cause a surplus of hot water rather than cold water, leading to injury. Especially of a child or, an elderly person.  Therefore to avoid any chance of this happening, we always recommend a mixing valve housed out of reach from where it cam be tampered with.
Question What are the disadvantages of Having a Bidet?
AnswerOnce you have used your home installed Bidet. you will enjoy the pleasures of it , with a sense of feeling clean and fresh, You will never want to be without your accessory, and will always try to hurry home to use the facilities of your own bathroom. It becomes very addictive.
Question How easy is it to install ?
AnswerThe units are very straightforward to install, all units comes with clear precise instructions, but we are always at hand to give advise, either by phone or E-mail. More important, any competent  local Plumber or an industrious DIY personal can manage this task.